Vintage / Special Interest

Rickenbacker Electro Silver Hawaiian 1930s
A unique late 1930's instrument, this Rickenbacker Electro Silver Hawaiian lap steel guitar has a chrome-plated stamped sheet metal body with an integral 35-fret fingerboard. It has a horseshoe pickup with a single volume control knob. It is in great condition with just a few minor scuffs and scratches. Case is included.


Mint condition Soulsby Atmegatron. Awesome 8-bit synth with huge beefy sounds and ability to change internal firmware between various synth models.


Kel Kroydon Banjo -This is an unbelievable instrument and truly a piece of history! The Original Style Kel Kroydon Banjo is one of the most sought after banjos of the 1930s in today's Prewar Banjo market. It features an ornate screened designed resonator, fingerboard and peghead veneer with a painted blue finish.


Modor NF-1M Polyphonic Synthesizer This is a used instrument in mint condition. Only used a few times. Although smaller than its big brother, it has the same sound engine. Great little synth.

Cloud Nine Cloud Nine Hammer Dulcimer (Chromatic) Model 17/16/8

Cloud Nine Cloud Nine Hammer Dulcimer (Chromatic) Model 17/16/8